How to modify an invalid etcsudoers file? It throws an . Recover from bad sudoers file


In reality linux is often used in a system where there are many users using a system simultaneously.

The SUID permission makes a script to run as the user who is the owner of the script, rather than the user who started it.

However when doing so you just need to be aware that you are acting as a superuser for every command.

Security - Why is it bad to login as root? - Ask Ubuntu

But if you really have 0 bytes left, your system makes weird errors and you might end up with some hard to fix damage in your system because there is a lot of system software running in the background.

Especially if they are working on a server which means they went in with the intention to make system changes.

MacOS X more than I do Ubuntu, but there, root is disabled by default, and it still is on my machine.

In practice, though, an attack can do a large amount of damage even without superuser privilleges is large.

When logged in as root it makes it possible for applications, scripts or commandline commands to access sensitive parts of software which can damage the system.

This runs far fewer programs as root than if you actually logged on graphically with the root account.

Unix Configuration Management Tools - Softpanorama

For this reason some of Unix configuration management systems are specifically designed as agentless.

Share log on forum: Prepares a forum post alike text so that you can just copy and paste it in your favourite forum.

Especially if they are working on a server which means they went in with the intention to make system changes. recover fstab file.

System and Administrative Commands

Tools are known, well debugged and involve zero learning curve for most senior level system administrators.

Among other answears I can add that there is a difference between Administrator in Windows and root in Unix.

But the good thing: Modern distributions do most of the administration tasks for you, so seldom you have to fiddle in the guts of your Linux system with a root account. recover from swp file.

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Published on  December 4th, 2016

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